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TMSS gave away free auto vans in Bogura

Bogura residents will now receive healthy, non-poisonous veggies at their doors thanks to the PACE project, which is being run by TMSS. With just a phone call, safe, wholesome, and nontoxic veggies will arrive at your doorstep. Initially, five vegetable vendors in autovans will sell these vegetables across the city. The name and mobile number of each vegetable vendor would be displayed on the autovan.


TMSS Executive Director Prof. Dr. Hosne Ara Begum gave the new autovans to 5 selected drivers last Thursday at the foundation’s office in Bogura to kick off this innovative initiative. 5 autovans totaling BDT. 3 lakhs each were given away gratis. TMSS is carrying out the initiative using funding provided by the Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF). 8,000 vegetable growers in Bogura have received various sorts of training in safe vegetable farming as part of the programme. They are now growing crops that are safe. These autovans are provided along with providing necessary training to the vegetable vendors for marketing these vegetables.
The autovan distribution event was attended by the Deputy Executive Director of TMSS, Sohrab Ali Khan, project representatives, and top TMSS officials from various levels.

At the time, TMSS Executive Director Dr. Hosne Ara Begum advised managing business with honesty and commitment since doing so will undoubtedly help one grow personally. Additionally, the nation and its citizens will get service.

Mohammad Abdul Quddus, Coordinator of the project and Senior Assistant Director of TMSS, led the event.

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