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Mr. Waleed Al-Saif, General Manager of Sheikh Abdullah Al Nouri Charity paid a visit to TMSS

Dr. Zaheer Uddin, the country head of Kuwait Joint Relief Fund, and Mr. Walid Al-Saif, the general manager of Sheikh Abdullah Al Noori Charity of Kuwait, visited the various TMSS activities together last Saturday.

They visited various branch activities, Pundra University, Religious Complex, TMSS Medical College and Hospital to learn about Islamic micro credit, humanitarian lending activities. They had a conversation with top TMSS officials after the visit.

During the exchange of views, they opined that Kuwait has been given enough wealth by Almighty Allah. They believe that the less fortunate should benefit from their wealth. In Bangladesh, they have thus far donated in mosques, madrasas, orphanages, hospitals, clinics, etc. Currently, if individuals improve via humanitarian loans, they are permitted to construct mosques in accordance with Shariah. People are valued more highly than mosques, according to hadith they mentioned.

They were constantly accompanied by all of the leading TMSS personnel, notably the Executive Director Professor Dr. Hosne-Ara Begum.


News Source: TMSS PRP Department, Foundation Office, Bagura

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