Audit & Good Governance

Audit Compliance

TMSS has an internal audit department under the direct disposal of the CEO i.e., the Executive Director and the audit team of the department filled with adequate professionals. They are responsible for routine/continuous auditing of the department activities under the organization. Responsibilities of the audit team includes-
Monitoring team is responsible to seek target, achievement, input, output of an activity and other required actions are proceeding according to the plan in favor of organization i.e., they are the auditor of the management process.

Good Governance

TMSS is governed by its registered constitutions, formed out policies, rules & regulations by joint stock companies and related registration authorities & decisions of AGM. Apart from this Governing Body (elected in each and every three years by the direct voting of General Body members and regular subscribing members) ensure the proper governance of TMSS. TMSS Governing body (GB) consists of 15 members who are elected by the members of the General Body of TMSS for a term of three years. Governing Body is responsible for appointing the Executive Director, selecting the CA Farm, formulating organizational policies, providing need based consultancies/ guidelines etc. maintaining a control system in the organization.