Impact on SDG

Impact on SDG

Program Impact and SDGs

Bangladesh has made remarkable progress in achieving the Goals under 2015-2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by 193 nations, targeting a set of actions and targets contained in the SDGs Declaration, towards inter alias 17 goals (1: No Poverty, 2: Zero Hunger, 3: Good Health and Well-being, 4: Quality Education, 5: Gender Equality, 6: Clean Water and Sanitation, 7: Affordable and Clean Energy, 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, 10: Reduced Inequality, 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, 12: Responsible Consumption and Production, 13: Climate Action, 14: Life Below Water, 15: Life on Land, 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions and 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal). TMSS has made remarkable program impacts in the life and livelihoods including enabling them to access public and private sector services. The program impacts are believed to have contributed towards Bangladesh government’s aim of achieving SDG goals.

No Poverty (SDG-1)

Since the establishment of TMSS is working to achieve the goal-1 by various kinds of socio-economic activities and financial support products like Buniyad, Jagoron, Ogrrosor, Sufolon, Low cast housing, Sahos, Leej financing project, Startup capital, UPP-Uzzibito and so on. TMSS is providing support to remove poverty by creating technical education and employment, small and medium business loan program. As a result, household expenditures of the clients are being solvent and they could gradually acquire assets of their own. About 7.5 million of the beneficiaries of TMSS become Entrepreneurs and they become self- sufficient.

No Hunger (SDG-2)

To achieve goal-2, TMSS is conducting VGD program, grower scheme for women to procedure green agriculture and agro-based products, and marketing seeds, apiculture, TMSS fisheries, Barendro irrigation, Supply project, Nutrition, TCB dealership etc. To establish hunger free Bangladesh, TMSS has been taken above mentioned projects. Besides, TMSS is working in remote rural area to eradicate extreme hunger and poverty by empowering them with the supports of socio-economic activities.

Good Health and Well-Being (SDG-3)

To achieve goal-3, TMSS is conducting smile train RCH Cleft project, annual development program, 1000 bed Rafatullah Community Hospital, TMSS Masuda Maternity Hospital-Gazipur, TMSS Diabetic Care, Skill building program for rural youth in Bangladesh, RCH Pharmacy, TMSS Autism and Rehabilitation Center and 86 satellite clinics. At the time of pandemic period (Covid-19), TMSS arranged awareness program among people, provide face mask and hand sanitizer with good health care message to urban and rural area. These initiatives have yielded most positive impact on the overall health sector in Bangladesh. Due to the integrated activities of TMSS thousands of poor, extreme poor and helpless people availed treatment and rehabilitation facilities for remedy.

Qualtiy Education (SDG-4)

To achieve goal-4, TMSS is conducting RPL program, RTO, 35 educational institutes, such as; TMSS Medical College, TMSS Engineering College, Pundro University of Science and Technology, TMSS Nursing College, TMSS Public School and College, TMSS Technical Institutes, Madrasha, Marine Academy, Technical and general institutions. Where thousands of students are achieving qualitative education and at the end of education their employment is being created. Child engagement is unwanted earning exercise has decreased and school drop out rate much declined as an impact of Education Domain of TMSS. During 2019- 2020 fiscal year, a huge number of poor meritorious students have completed their education and TMSS has provided job placement & linkage in TMSS, different privet organizations and government offices.

Gender Quality (SDG-5)

To achieve goal-5, the human rights and gender division of TMSS is working day by day to decrease gender discrimination between male and female. From 1988, this program is going on by self-innovation in TMSS. About 60% female employers of all employer’s work in TMSS and the significant number of female employers at higher management level and they work on priority basis in decision making. And about 80% female beneficiaries now make join decision with their husband concerning allocation of household money, children’s education, use of contraceptive family size and participation in community events. Now, females control their business and contribute in the family both financially and making decision. Besides that, all gender related programs are running in TMSS.

Clean Water and Sanitation (SDG-6)

To achieve goal-6 of SDG, TMSS plays a vital role in society for safe water and sanitation programs by self-innovation among people. “Ensure Access to Responsive Wash Service for Backward Community” is the significant program in this organization. TMSS arranges inspiration programs in rural and urban area for safe drinking water and discouraged people drinking arsenic contaminated water.

Affordable and Clean Energy (SDG-7)

TMSS is conducting Renewable Energy Program with the help of EDCOL and self-innovation. Approximately 1,54,860 families have been covered under solar panel. Besides that, cold storage, Momo Inn and all kinds of educational institutes of TMSS are covered in solar panel. To make it more accessible, this kinds works is continuing by various programs. TMSS Renewable Energy Program is proving positive in remote areas of Bangladesh. A huge number of Entrepreneurs and Social Commercial Ventures are working by the technical and financial help of TMSS. TMSS provides financial and technological help to rural area for establishing Bio-gas plant to save eco system.

Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG-8)

Besides the creation of job vacancy, the economic development continues to ensure labor rights and decent work to achieve the goal- 8 by B-Skillful project, SEIP, STEP, Bangladesh Bank, World Vision and Other Projects. TMSS arranged permanent job about 30 thousand female and male employment all over Bangladesh. Besides these, Labor Contracting Society (LCS), TMSS Domestic Employer Agency Program is conducting now. According to qualifications and experiences, TMSS is arranged contractual and permanent job all over Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, the increase of economic growth is one of the aims of TMSS. To reach the aim TMSS has taken above mentioned projects.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (SDG-9)

To achieve goal-9 of SDG, TMSS is conducting Business Communication and Service Center, Handicraft, Processing Food Making, Steel and Wooden Furniture making, Argo food, Agricultural goods supply, Women market and so on. TMSS is building a labor-intensive factory by constantly creating new infrastructure while maintaining the balance of the working environment.

Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG-10)

TMSS sachest from the establishment to eliminate gender inequality between male and female, rich and poor. TMSS plays a vital role in debt support as well as incentive or motivation program by helping in society to remove the inequality in family, society and state.

Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG-11)

After the time of independence, the financial condition of Bogura or Bangladesh was delicate. TMSS through its various programs in 1980, especially to establish Bogura as a sustainable city from the delicate condition. TMSS is playing a vital role to establish a sustainable formation city bringing the neighboring village in the current of socio- economic development by participating female and male.

Responsible Consumption And Production (SDG-12)

To achieve goal-12 of SDG, TMSS is conducting Harvest plus, Barkot Seed Sector, Promoting Agricultural Commercialization and Enterprise project. In respect of agricultural and industrial, TMSS products on its own expenses.

Climate Action (SDG-13)

To achieve the goal-13 of SDG, TMSS is conducting various kinds of project, such as; TMSS Community Climate Change project, Environment Development, Garbage Management project and so on. TMSS takes decision by fusibility study prior to making its all infrastructure so that the ecological balance can maintain.

Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG-14)

To achieve the goal-14 of SDG, TMSS is conducting “Safe Acua Farming for Economic and Trade Improvement (SEFTI)”. TMSS builds all its infrastructure by protecting ponds and reservoirs as if the biodiversity underwater remains intact.

Life Onland (SDG-15)

To achieve goal-15, TMSS is conducting Nursery Project, Social Forestry Program, Tree Deposit Scheme, Land Filling Project for Plantation, Sustainable Environment Development Project (SEDP). TMSS is keeping all its development activities going on by natural organic process on the diversity of the earths surface remains intact and keeping their habitat safe.

Peace and Justice Strong Institutions (SDG-16)

To achieve the goal- 16, TMSS is conducting “Awareness Build up and Vocational Skill Development of Kawmi Madrasha student to prevent violent exoticism” “Alternative Dispute Regulation through Shalish’. Besides, TMSS is decided to build “TMSS Moittri Mondir” “Interfaith Harmony Development Centre” by self- innovation at the aim of reconciliation and peaceful coexistence among the people of all religion.

Partnerships For The Goals (SDG-17)

To achieve the goal-17 of SDG, TMSS is continuing partnership collaboration with more than 100 national and international donors, funding agencies, business sectors, CSRS and others. Besides, TMSS is linking to IBFB, Chamber of Commerce, APPRACA, Women’s World Banking, FOBANA both in Public -Private Partnership and in Investors at the same time making best use of ICT in line with the Bangladesh Government ICT Ministry focusing Digitalization.