Agriculture Food Security and Livelihood

Our Success

Through the ongoing programs of TMSS, we have initiated programs to eradicate gender violence, establish rights and support settlements. During FY 2019-2020, we have reached 235167 people through our human rights and social justice related activities.

Agriculture Food Security and Livelihood

Although Bangladesh has achieved progress in poverty reduction still widespread poverty and hunger at national and regional level remains. There are also significant variations in poverty incidence between rural and urban Bangladesh. Food and nutrition security in Bangladesh is characterized by considerable regional variations within Bangladesh. Factors such as natural disasters, cyclones, tornados, floods and droughts, river erosion; associated with shrinkage of agricultural land due to non-agricultural use is increasingly having negative impact on food production and livelihoods of the millions of people those depended directly and/or indirectly (over 60% of the labour force in Bangladesh is engaged in agriculture sector).

Poverty can be a cause and an outcome of food insecurity. Households that are poor lack the means to acquire sufficient nutritious food and therefore are likely to be food insecure. People who are in a food insecure position may have to sell their productive assets in order to meet their immediate nutritional needs. This undermines their longer-term income potential leading them to becoming poorer. TMSS program sector actively looks into these aspects to ensure food security and livelihoods in a sustainable way. TMSS is implementing a wide range of programs to assist program participation and the programs include quality seed production and distribution marketing, fisheries, agriculture, efficient irrigation system, homestead gardening and Land Development. In addition, TMSS carries out VGD program, a social safety-net program of Government of Bangladesh in order to ensure access to the poorest in the program. During FY 2019-2020, we have reached 200256 people through our agriculture and food related activities.

Ongoing Projects


During the FY 2019-2020, total Cultivated Land 8,780 decimal; Rice cultivation: 21,340 kg, Jute cultivation: 2,739 kg, Vegetables cultivation: 35,655 kg, Potato cultivation: 44,045 kg; directly 1,660 people and indirectly more than 23,000 beneficiaries benefited through our agricultural activities.

Barendra Irrigation Project (BIP)

During the FY 2019-2020, 10358 decimal of land has been irrigated for production of Potato, Vegetables and Rice; directly and indirectly we reached 8390 beneficiaries through our irrigation related activities.

TMSS Barkat Seed Sector

During the FY 2019-2020, we produced andand delivered to farmers total 3,68,640 kg quality seeds (Boro Rice Seed: 5,600 kg; Aman Rice Seed: 4,800 kg; Vegetables Seed: 115 kg;) at fair price which help them to increase the farm productivity and we have reached 8,100 beneficiaries through our activities.

Harvest Plus

During the FY 2019-2020, we provided 1544 kg Zinc rice seed along with Training and Technical Support, Signboard, etc. to 1380 selected farmer. We also arranged 31 Uthan Boithok (yard meeting), School Program, aggregation day and field day to promote biofortified rice (Zinc Rice).

Fisheries Department (Fish culture in pond)

In the FY 2019-2020, we produced 2710 kg fish and 870 beneficiaries received our overall support for fish cultivating which contribute to remove seasonal unemployment in the community.

Safe Aqua Farming For Economic and Trade Improvement - (SAFETI)

During the FY 2019-2020, 4,900 beneficiaries directly received our training, technical and logistic support for harvesting, preserving and marketing of shrimp and prawn.


During FY 2019-2020, we produced 162798 pic Sapling, more than half of them were fruit and medicinal sapling; Sold 77299 pic Sapling; which contribute to meet the demand of fruit and medicinal needs in the community. Our services reached directly 4300 beneficiaries and indirectly 44000 beneficiaries.

TMSS Agro-Based Product Supply (TABPS)

In the FY 2019-2020, we supplied 2535 Heifer and Cow; 825 Goat; 208 Sheep; 8900 Chicken and 576 Packets feed to 50,000 beneficiaries.

Agro Goods Sales Center

During the FY 2019-2020, nearly 3100 buyers regularly bought our pure and chemical free vegetables, eggs, hens, etc at a fair cost.

TR/Kabita Project

Development and maintenance of rural infrastructure and vis- a-vis catering of increasing demand for electricity and renewable energy for disaster risk reduction.

TMSS Labour Contracting Society (LCS)

During the FY 2019-2020, 296 male and female labourers had benefited from the LCS project.