TMSS Travels & Tourism Ltd (TTTL)

TMSS established TMSS Travel & Tourism Limited (TTTL) in 2007 with a view to introducing interested tourists at home and abroad to the natural beauty of Bangladesh and its cultural heritage. TTTL`s objective is to deliver tourism packages of high quality that provide occasions for learning, enhance domestic tourism, and crate opportunities for employment. Through its activities, TTTL hopes to enrich Bangladesh`s underdeveloped tourism sector and to allow more and more people from and abroad to experience Bangladesh.

TTTL provides the following services mainly through reciprocal cooperation with the organizations at home and abroad, government and non-government:

Arrange tours, both premium and standard, to destinations in Bangladesh and elsewhere that have unique natural beauty and historical or cultural significance ;
Provide tourists with all-inclusive packages, covering food, lodging in standard hotels, transportation to and from the destination site, and various amenities;
Develop customized tours for travelers interested in eco-tourism, responsible tourism, development tourism, and meditation;
Include guides knowledgeable about the destination’s geography and historical or cultural importance on each tour;
Organize facilities and coordination for seminars, symposia, and business meetings or conference to be held at Bangladesh`s premier destination sites;
Provide event management for cultural and educational events and international exchange programs or trade fairs;
Offer four kinds of discount membership cards-Gold, Silver, Ladies, and Student-to benefit the frequent traveler;
Provide easy transportation arrangements tailored to specific requests.

TTTL`s success will contribute to the development of the tourism sector, generate many employment opportunities and encourage entrepreneurship. This increased financial activity will be a boost to the country’s overall economy, increase the number of good jobs, and reduce poverty.

Parallel to these economic benefits TTTL`s activities will also create a positive image for Bangladesh for people in other countries and opportunities for its citizens and foreign visitors to learn and experience its culture and physical beauty.

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631/5, West Kazipara, Mirpur-10, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh

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Rangpur Road, Thengamara, Bogura-5800, Bangladesh

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