TMSS Dakhil Madrasaha (TDM)

1. Project Title: TMSS Dakhil Madrasha (TDM)

2. Project Duration: Established at ‘2009 and running in full swing

3. Funding Sources: TMSS and Students Contribution

4. Background:

TMSS from the beginning undertakes various social welfare activities to develop the socio-economic status & condition of the poorest and the poor. Besides the economic strengthening of the rural community TMSS management realize the necessity for establishing educational institutions where the students of poor and ultra poor families can studies and achieved desired degree with spending very minimum cost. A part of this view TMSS Dakhil Madrasha is established at 2009 AD and teaching the students provisioning special consideration and facilities for poor and ultra poor families students.

5. Goals / Objectives:

  • To make honest, eligible and competence nations through providing Islam based modern education.
  • To teach the student in collaboration with technical education for ensuring earning opportunity immediate after completion the degree.
  • 6. Target Beneficiaries and Area: Students of the Bogra and nearby District

    7. Approaches of the programme:

  • Teaching through regular class and practical session,
  • Periodic exam and result publication
  • Guardian gathering and Feedback session.
  • Award for best students
  • To confined the student in Islamic morality.
  • Best teacher identification.
  • Aword for best teacher.
  • 8. Core / Major Activities:

  • Student enrollment and provide residential facilities and transportation support.
  • Teaching the student in accordance to learning schedule.
  • Exam conduction.
  • To teach behavioral education.
  • To take special session for the week student.
  • Special coaching for obtaining board scholarship.
  • To involved the student in Islamic cultural events (Ham’d and Nath) and make them competent in national and international debating session.
  • To involve the student in functional education (Agriculture production, Livestock Management) besides the normal course curriculum.
  • To organize morning and evening exercise in the play ground and pond.
  • 9. Achievements / Key Success

  • 100 % students passed in the examination.
  • 01 Multistoried academic building is already constructed for teaching ground and residential facilities.
  • 5 students have obtained scholarship in the past year.
  • Micro Bus facilities for student transportation system have been in functioning.
  • Thousands of Guardians of Bogra and nearby District is showing positive attitude in enrolling their offspring’s in the DAKHIL MADRASHA.
  • More Students take part any sports and gain more prizes.
  • All Islamic stadic, Islamic foundation childern acadamy and different institution in sadar and district our Students has took part in differen occation and gaint more prizes.
  • Office Location

    Office Address

    Head Office     :

    631/5, West Kazipara, Mirpur-10, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh

    Phone : +88-02-55073530, 55073586, 55073540, 9013659

    Email :

    TMSS Foundation Office     :

    Rangpur Road, Thengamara, Bogura-5800, Bangladesh

    Telephone: (+88051) 78569, 78975

    E-mail :