TMSS Barket Seed Sector

Project Title:


Project Duration:

2005 to on going.


BDT 533056 (FY: 2013-2014).

Funding Sources:



Seed is the main element to grow the crop and without quality seed desired production is hampered. In a study it is found that, at least 70 % farmer use the local seed and it’s germination percentage is not up to the mark, resulting the final production is reduced significantly. Because of this the producer loose interest in agricultural crop production/ business. In order to mitigate this problems TMSS took initiatives to establish a quality seed farm from which the local farmers will use the improve quality seed so that they can increase up their crop production. TMSS Barket Seed Sector is the result of that initiative.


  • Popularize and patronize TMSS Barkat Seed in TMSS’s working Area particularly at grass root level.
  • Production and marketing of seed at local level
  • Provide orientation & counseling to the “Barkat” seed customers/buyers/progressive farmers.
  • Provide on crop production technology and seed entrepreneurship.
  • Patronize sales of Barkat seed through TMSS organized women group at grass root level.
  • Cater the need of quality crop seed in April. Allied project (e.g. HFSNG/NNP MFSMSFP, PRIME, FFA/MMP etc.)
  • Demonstration on Brkat seed at Field Farmers Day Celebration/Agriculture Fair
  • Monitoring the output/performance of Barkat seed at Field level feed back reports.
  • Organize chashi-Ralley on the performance of Barkat seed.
  • Total Beneficiaries: 50,000.

    Project Area:

    Division: Rajshahi & Rangpur

    District: 04 (Bogra, Joypurhat, Gaibandha, Rangpur)

    Upazilla: 13, Union: 65 Village: 250.


    Core/ Major Activities:

  • Foundation seed collection
  • Seed production
  • Seed processing
  • Seed preservation
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Achievement/key Successes (Numbers against Indicators):

    SL Activities Target Achievement
    01 Foundation seed collection 4080 kg 4361 kg
    02 Seed production 7400 kg 6793 kg
    03 Seed processing 11480 kg 4605 kg
    04 Seed preservation 7400 kg 2200 kg
    05 Seed sales 10480 kg 5640 kg

    Office Location

    Office Address

    Head Office     :

    631/5, West Kazipara, Mirpur-10, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh

    Phone : +88-02-55073530, 55073586, 55073540, 9013659

    Email :

    TMSS Foundation Office     :

    Rangpur Road, Thengamara, Bogura-5800, Bangladesh

    Telephone: (+88051) 78569, 78975

    E-mail :