TMSS and IOM Collaborate to Safeguard Migration: Sirajganj Meeting Addresses Human Trafficking Risks

Every year, millions of individuals embark on journeys abroad, seeking better opportunities for work or education. However, the unfortunate reality is that many fall prey to unscrupulous brokers and fraudsters. To address this growing concern, a meeting was held last Wednesday at the training venue of the Directorate of Social Services in Sirajganj Sadar.

The esteemed panel of speakers included Asma Begum, National Program Officer of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Amal Biswas, Senior Program Associate, Abdus Salam, Director of TMSS, and Belal Hossain Hira, former Councilor of Sirajganj Municipality.

The focus was on informing the public about preventive actions to ensure safe migration, protecting individuals from exploitation by fraudulent brokers. The initiative seeks to empower communities with knowledge, creating a safer environment for those venturing overseas. As the initiative gains momentum, the hope is to empower communities with knowledge and resources, fostering a safer environment for those embarking on journeys abroad.


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