Project Name:

Towards Sustainable Quality Healthcare Delivery at Grassroots Level through Active Participation of Civil Society Organizations (TARSAN-CSO)

Project Duration:

This is 34 months project effective from May 02, 2011 and it will be phase out during February, 2014.

Name of Client/Project Authority: TMSS

Name of Funding Source/Donors:

Swisscontact and European Union

Project Background:

TARSAN-CSO project aims to work towards sustainable quality healthcare delivery at grassroots level engaging Civil Society Organisations (CSO) to support national health workforce policies, strategies, capacity building and skills transfer. TARSAN-CSO is a real investment in Human Resource for Health (HRH) development which envisages enhancing training capacity and quality standards of selected public and private training institutes. The CP approach is designed to support the development of a sustainable mechanism for CP training involving regular peer review and certification of HRH. The action will facilitate placement of CPs at village level by offering training opportunities to young women and men willing to serve their community as members of skilled health workforce. The action will give particular importance to various events, with the assistance of media and local communities, to develop a model which will enhance awareness, give voice to consumers of healthcare services in rural areas, while simultaneously ensuring accountability of both public and private healthcare service providers.

Project Goals/Objectives:


The goal of the project is to produce 500 trained Community Paramedics (CP), develop capacity of training institutes that offer Community Paramedic courses as per international standard and facilitate financial incentive packages.


  • To disseminate message about Community Paramedic (CP) course;
  • To highlight about the opportunity of Community Paramedic Course for the people of Nilphamary.
  • To contribute for building up a sustainable, easy accessible and more effective healthcare services for the people living in rural areas.
  • To assist for preparing an effective policy in respect to healthcare services based on local demand through engaging and ensuring the participation of Civil Society Organizations (CSO)
  • To expand effective and sustainable healthcare services for eradication the gradual demand of healthcare providing personnel through ensuring participation of mass people.
  • To make expert and efficient of 06 selected CSOs for disseminating awareness in respect to health issues at local level.
  • To increase liability of local health service providers in respect of getting health related information through engaging Civil Society Organizations (CSO) and Medias.
  • Number and Type of Target Population/Beneficiaries: Three Upazila of Nilphamari District.

    Students, teachers, guardians at local level (College/Madrasha), journalists from electronic and print medias, Government officials, elected members, specialists in health areas and in other respective areas, etc, Mass people from rural communities. Target was to involve 1020 people through 12 events but actual achievement was more than 5000 people through the scheduled activities.

    Project Approach:

    For successful arrangement of these activities we take on:

  • Discussion,
  • Multimedia presentation,
  • Question and answer session,
  • Demonstration,
  • Field Visit, etc.
  • Core/Major Project Activities:

    Major project activities are:

  • Organizing orientation/training workshops with beneficiaries, students, teachers, guardians at local level;
  • Organizing Joint collaboration meetings;
  • Conduction of Policy dialogue events at different level;
  • Arrangement of Jari gan & Street drama for awareness development of communities;
  • Publication of media article or footage on health issues.
  • Facilitation of policy dialogue, awareness, motivational and consensus building activities.
  • Documentation and dissemination of lessons learnt.
  • Project Achievements/Key Successt:

    The scheduled activities are useful and comparable to other community mobilization events in respect to message dissemination issues as well. The session goal was achieved satisfactory. As an outcome of the meeting/orientation workshops concerned participants have mobilized & committed to disseminate the concerned matter through their own initiatives as it is one of the objectives of the meeting was of dissemination messages about CP course & its opportunities in future. It is mentionable that the understanding level of the participants has been increased through the workshops/seminars, orientation workshops, policy dialogues, etc. The participants of the workshops/seminars, orientation workshops, policy dialogues, etc. acknowledged that those sessions are very useful regarding the community awareness event. It is noted that those event have been appreciated for good efforts by the team members.

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