Our Success

In addition to regular training programs, TMSS also implements several training service projects financed from World Vision Bangladesh, NGO Foundation Bangladesh, UPP-Ujjibito-PKSF, PRIME-PKSF, SME, SEIP of PKSF, B-SEP of ILO, B-SkillFUL of Swisscontact, BDC, Basic Training, Staff Training and Staff Orientation etc.

Climate Change, Disaster Preparedness and Environment

Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world due to climate changes as it is experiencing serious environmental degradation and ecological imbalances. Flooding, too heavy rainfalls or long droughts, cyclones and tornadoes have been rampantly destroying lives and assets. The situation is increasingly critical for maintaining natural resources and for sustaining the livelihoods of many millions of people in the country. In addition to climate change and environmental degradation, air and sound pollution have accentuated the situation for a normal living standards and growth. There is evidence that shows that the goals of environmental protection and economic growth can be complementary. Bangladesh is making its efforts to confront climate change and environmental challenges. To cope with such changes it became imperative to continue efforts not only in mitigation but also to learn adaptation practices to such climatic changes. TMSS has given its full effort for the adaption, mitigation; and conservation of the environment through its programs and projects. Food and nutrition security in Bangladesh is characterized by considerable regional variations within Bangladesh. Factors such as natural disasters, cyclones, tornados, floods and droughts, river erosion; associated with shrinkage of agricultural land due to non-agricultural use is increasingly having negative impact on food production and livelihoods of the millions of people those depended directly and/or indirectly (over 60% of the labour force in Bangladesh is engaged in agriculture sector).

Ongoing Projects

Sustainable Environment Development Project (SEDP)

During the FY 2019-20, we collected 735 Ton garbage, used/waste paper and delivered to paper mills for recycling.

Social Forestry Program

To increase the overall tree resource and reduce greenhouse effect of the country through minimizing the depletion of forest resource.

Tree Deposit Scheme (TDS)

During FY-2019-2020, we planted 23727 pieces tree, tree nursing: 453119; harvested 5026 Tree and 261 bamboo, sold 255900 kg Fuel Wood and 73456 kg Golai Wood, Fruit and Fish, Egg, Leaf Sold @ TK 190493

Land Filling Project (LFP)

During the FY 2019-2020, we lifted sand of 7753410 sft. Land and filled 607291 sft. Land for land/road/river development as well as 15000 plan of tree planted on the embankment and 50 acre re-excavated for 50 acre cultivator.

TMSS Renewable Energy Program (TREP)

People who are beyond Grid-line power facility are willing to access alternative power and receive respite from load-shedding