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Research and Documentation is one of the remarkable functions of Program-1. It has conducted a research titled “TMSS Solar Home System Program: Enhancing Livelihoods” in 2014. This research has been comported based on the experience of Renewable Energy Program. It has been prepared on the baseline data from TMSS Renewable Energy Program (TMSS-REP) beneficiaries who are using SHS for a certain period of time, Interviews of TMSS-REP officials who are directly engaged in operating this program.


Based on this study, it makes few recommendations that will be helpful for the program. And it needs to draw attention for both policy and implementation level.

Issues Recommendation
Price Government should take initiatives for reducing the price of Solar accessories(Vat & Tax can be reduced or withdrawn)
Increase of Government contribution
  • Sustainable Energy Development Agency (SEDA) has to take control the sector with effective activity.
  • Policy support is needed.
  • Quality control should be ensured.
  • Support to the implementing organization.
  • Motivation to the people and incentive for the SHS users.
  • Recognitions of SHS user.
  • Implementation policy It should be more beneficiary oriented and smoother.
    SHS staff drop-out For awarding Incentive and increasing satisfaction of the staffs effective initiatives should be taken.
    Credit support For increasing use of SHS more flexible, diversified and low cost credit support is badly needed.
    Media Coverage Media coverage among mass people is essential.
    Development Partner Attention & Contribution Need to get more attention & Contribution for Global warming, environment and Greenhouse Effect.


    TREP has been contributing significantly on rural people’s livelihood development through SHS program. This program is also contributing to the country economy by reducing subsidy for electrification from its budget. Furthermore, the environment friendly SHS is helping to reduce carbon emission and thus helping Earth to improve from Global warming. This study found that, SHS is only window where people deprived from electricity and government cannot provide uninterrupted electricity. Rural people are very much happy with SHS. And it impacts directly on increase of working time & income, poverty reduction. Beyond this, TREP’s Solar Home System program impacts on social and economic development at rural people; especially for the poor. It is proved that SHS is contributing for using hi-tech technology like mobile phone, Radio, TV etc. In addition, women’s earning, children’s education, health, social security and so forth are increased. We can say SHS is expanding family bondage and social ties by enhancing their livelihood.

    TMSS SHS-Enhancing Livelihoods(FO Edition) Download HereStrategic-Planning-TMSS

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