Our Success

As of June 2022, the total number of members enrolled is 9258457, among whom Tk 43336.71 crores of loans have been disbursed.


TMSS has highlighted that in order to bring the desired food security and livelihood changes of the poor households of Bangladesh, microcredit alone cannot achieve this. An integrated/holistic microcredit approach is needed such as increasing the productivity of agricultural sector, create an employment opportunity, improve livelihoods, education that contributes to socio economic development of the poor people. In order to make a more dynamic as well as improve the current operating system TMSS has innovatively developed a microfinance model/approach which is called “Health, Education and Microfinance (HEM)”. In order to ensure proper resources management and utilization of microcredit, the targeted members need to have physical potentiality, sound health, possess own resources as well as at least basic literacy. The HEM approach entails awareness on developing income generating activities (IGAs); primary healthcare/ health hygiene nutrition; promoting basic literacy (reading, writing and numerical) and capabilities on microfinance management; utilization and record keeping among TMSS’s Target participants. The HEM approach has been successfully implemented in Bangladesh through 937 Branch Offices, 203 Area Offices, 51 Zonal Offices operate across the country covering nearly 17,88,942 members. The Branches act as a center of excellence and providing different logistics support services and program delivery, technical back-up, supervision, monitoring to their targeted beneficiaries/ borrowers and to achieve the overall goal and objectives of TMSS and finally contributing towards poverty alleviation in Bangladesh in a sustainable manner.

Goal of TMSS Microfinance Program:

The goal of TMSS Microfinance program is to economically empower of poor/ultra poor women by creating, expanding, strengthening and upgrading their abilities and ensuring their direct involvement in income generating activities (IGAS) through demand-driven, holistic, multi-dimensional and integrated financial services.

Ongoing Program/Project and Activities

Health, Education and Microfinance (HEM)

The HEM model is mentioned above the main approach of TMSS Microfinance sector which provides primary health and basic education services along with mirofinance operational modalities to the poor aiming to sustainable development of the targeted people.

TMSS Savings Program (TSP)

TMSS provides savings services for the purpose of capital formation as per demand of the borrowers. TMSS was initiated through savings activities. Savings is always encouraged for accumulation of fund and to get rid of poverty. In fact, savings activities (accumulation of tiny amount from individual beneficiary) are being operated in TMSS in order to mitigate Group Members’ crisis situation, promote their livelihood and assist in the formation of capital through door-step service. To create and increase own fund into the IGA of the beneficiaries, it is not possible without the habit of savings. For this reason, TMSS used to adopt some steps to make the beneficiaries savings accumulation. The members have passbook and they get interest in time on their savings as per bank rate.

Kuwait Good will Fund (KGF)

Goal : The main goal of the "Kuwait Goodwill Fund for Promotion Food Security in Islamic Countries" is to increase family income, reduce the tendency of damage, improved food security of the target population and to provide Micro-credit and Small loan and Technical assistance for their food production, agricultural products and by-products processing, preservation and marketing.

Poverty Reduction through technological development and expansion of Turkey and Quail farm under Learning and Innovation Fund to Test New Ideas (LIFT)

Goal : Poverty reduction, food/nutrition security and socio-economic improvement of group members through Turkey and Quail rearing.

Lease financing project

Goal : Long Term Financial Credit Support to Micro-Entrepreneurs for purchasing necessary equipmentand materials to run their Enterprises under PACE project.

Start-up Capital Loan

Goal : Fund support to the young entrepreneurs with innovative and potential business idea in order to create sustainable employment generation and poverty reduction.

Sustainable Enterprise Project (Promotion of Ecologically Cultivated Safe Banana)

Goal : To increase the adaptation capacity of environmentally sound and sustainable practices by targeted microenterprises in Bangladesh.

Microenterprise Development Project (MDP)

Goal : To support sustainability of microenterprise development by investing clusters base approach as well as employment generation.