Integrated Paste Management

Generally the farmers of our country have been using insecticides/ Pesticides in their crop fields to reap a good harvest of their planted crops. But due to their ignorance they are not well aware about the detrimental effects of pesticides/Insecticides on all living being (Human/Animal/Birds/Fishes/Plants/ Insects etc.)

To a Farmer the bright side of the pesticide/insecticide use is it kills quickly the insects and prevents loss of potential amount of crop production, but they never know about the dark side of the pesticide/Insecticide use which is resulting in emerging of unknown Human, Animal, Poultry and Fisheries diseases and annihilation of the breeding of indigenous fish species and useful insects, plants and trees due to its poisonous effects. By now it has become evident from many study and research that the merits of pesticide/Insecticide use are very less in comparison to its demerits.

In Order to save the living being, reduce the wastage of Country’s foreign currency reserve and boost up crop production in the country through ensuring congenial environment, TMSS has been promoting the use of “Light Trap” and “Perching” system among its members and community people under its continuous awareness raising program activities.

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