Environment Campaigning

Awareness Raising Campaign:

Industrial Chemical Waste Management

  • In the country Industrial pollution arising from chemical wastes has been a serious threat to life and assets of people. Despite the action of GoB and FBCCI, this situation still remains in alarming condition. To get rid from the negative impact of Industrial Chemical Waste pollution, it is imperative for all concerned to put emphasis on awareness raising and compliance to our country’s Law, Rules and Regulations in the Industrial Sectors.
  • In order to promote pollution free environment, TMSS has established an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) in it’s Paper Mill. This ETP is contributing much in preventing pollution of surrounding ground water and nearby river water. This ETP has sensitized and inspired many industrialists for replication in their industrial complex in the near future. The ETP of TMSS Paper Mill is being used for demonstration purpose for the potential industrialists.
  • Garbage Management & Recycling

  • Domestic wastes, poultry litters and animal dung are not only the ingredients of environment pollution but also factors for harmful germ production & spreading of disease in the community. However, the management of this garbage by using simple scientific technology may turn it from detrimental substances to beneficial resources keeping the environment free from pollution.
  • TMSS, in order to ensure hygienic and healthy living conditions of the people within its operational area, has initiated awareness raising promotional activities for Bio-gas plants, Organic Compost, Integrated farming (Rearing of Poultry Birds & production of Fishes), Recycling of waste paper/Polythene /Plastic etc. through information dissemination, practical demonstration and income generating SEDP activity.
  • Organic Manure/Fertilizer:

    The long term use of chemical fertilizer has enhanced the barrenness of lands and been proved to be the cause of significant health hazard for Human being, Poultry, Livestock & Fisheries Sector. To reduce the negative impact of chemical fertilizer, TMSS has been carrying out awareness raising activities within its operational area during scheduled weekly group meetings, community level meetings, workshops, seminars etc where TMSS staffs discuss about and put emphasis on the use of Organic Compost, Green manure and it’s benefits and relentlessly discouraging the use of chemical fertilizer in the crop field.

    (3) Advocacy:

    Rain Water Preservation:

    In our country the farmers are frequently and unwisely using ground water for various types of crop cultivation. Generally for lifting ground water, the farmers use Deep Tube wells, Shallow Tube wells and other types of Tube wells which needs boring deep into the Soil. This causes imbalance in the structure of land and causing increase of arsenic concentration, dryness of Hand pump Tube wells (which people uses for source of drinking water and domestic purposes) and air pollutions. To maintain natural & ecological balance, TMSS has been conducting advocacy activities in various levels of the GoB/NGO/Civil Society/Media Sector/Business Communities for Preservation of Rain Water during monsoon by re-excavation of all types of water bodies (Swamps, River, Canal, Ponds Haor, Beels etc.) and construction of embankments, digging wells in the corner of crop fields and providing of continuous Agri-Extension services to farmers for their knowledge development.

    (4) Preventive Action:

    Ban on Sand Lifting:

    Now a days it is seen everywhere that people are frequently lifting sands for commercial purposes from deep of the earth (Crop Fields, River & Canal beds) by using Shallow Tube wells and by applying other methods. These are causing serious landslides and gradual decrease of cultivable crop land areas in the country resulting less amount of crop production. To prevent lifting of sands in the country TMSS has been reporting happening of such heinous and detrimental activities to relevant authorities and bring these matters into the knowledge of Law Enforcing Agencies/Media Sector for prevention and motivates/ mobilize community peoples opinion and strength for protection & maintaining natural and Ecological balance for Environmental Development.

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