Empowering Agriculture: TMSS Barkat Seeds Revolutionize Potato Farming

The meeting delved into the innovative techniques employed in the production of TMSS Barkat Seeds, emphasizing modern technology to ensure high yields and disease resistance. The collaborative efforts between TMSS and stakeholders, including dealers and lead farmers, highlighted the collective commitment to agricultural progress.

The introduction of TMSS Barkat Seeds has sparked optimism among potato farmers, who foresee a potential doubling of potato cultivation in the future. The improved variety is expected to play a crucial role in boosting productivity and meeting the rising demand for potatoes.

During the meeting, potato farmers voiced their concerns regarding the high production costs, including expenses related to cold storage. They highlighted that the cost of storing potatoes could reach 30-35 taka per bag, considering various overheads. Farmers also discussed the challenges of obtaining bank loans at commercial rates, factoring in interest and additional expenses, potentially resulting in the price of potatoes this year may reach approximately Tk 50 per kg.

In a united voice, participants at the meeting called for substantial subsidies from the Bangladesh government to support the agricultural sector’s development. Recognizing the critical role agriculture plays in the nation’s prosperity, the stakeholders emphasized the need for financial support to alleviate the burden on farmers and ensure sustainable growth. With the right support and initiatives, the nation can aspire to achieve unprecedented growth and prosperity in its agricultural landscape.


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