About TMSS

Background of TMSS:
TMSS was established decades back in 1964 with its indigenous title ‘Thengamara Sabaj Sangha’ (TSS) at a village named Thengamara under Sadar Upazila of Bogra District with the approval of Department of Social Welfare. During the Great War of Liberation of Bangladesh, all the documents of TSS were burnt out and functions stopped.

Subsequently in 1980 the TSS Authority expressed their inability and incapability to run the organization and decided to hand it over to Prof. Dr. Hosne Ara Begum legally and with full authority to run the show thence forward. Prof. Dr. Hosne Ara Begum reformed TSS as TMSS by as amendment resolution which incorporated the Bengali term “Mohila” keeping in view the development of women, and got it approved by the decision of majority members of the Board.

TSS of 1964 thus got subsumed into TMSS in 1980, with Prof. Dr. Hosne Ara Begum becoming the Founder Chief Executive Officer; TMSS has been on the development train since then till today under her discreet mentoring. Whatever socio-economic advancement has been achieved and vast beneficiaries across the country served with multifarious programs along the lines of TMSS cherished Goal and Objectives can be well attributed to her caring approach, dynamic leadership and prudent guidance.

It needs mention here that the main reason behind incorporating the Bengali word “Sabuj” in the revised and remodeled organization styled TMSS has been the motto of green revolution in rural Bangladesh.

Prime objectives of TMSS is to develop the socio-economic status & condition of poorest to the poor specially Ultra Hard Core Poor through implementation of grassroots decision and utilizing local human & Material resources.


TMSS provides its best efforts in bringing the poor Women to a better life with dignity in the family and society through their capacity building, adaptability, responsiveness, optimum use of their own/available resource, participation in development activities, good governance, establishment of their legitimate rights on a sustainable footing.


Smiling face of women folk.


Family development through Women Empowerment

  • Optimum use of available recourses.
  • Capacity building of the target people through training.
  • Reducing poverty through financial services
  • Promoting gender equity in the society.
  • Ensuring women participation in the society.
  • Creating job through women involvement.
  • Providing human rights services for improving the situation of the society.
  • Raising awareness through advocacy campaign.
  • Ensuring quality health & nutrition services for the target group.
  • Providing quality education for advancement of the life of the target group.
  • Transferring technology for increasing the productivity.
  • Establishment of good governance within the organization.
  • Establish TMSS as a sustainable Model Organization.

Values of TMSS:

TMSS believes in the following values:

  • Respect to women.
  • Gender equality.
  • Human resource.
  • Self-reliant/sustainability.
  • Ecological balance Environment.
  • Good Governance
  • Faith on religions and respect to all religion.
  • Honesty and justice.
  • Peace and prosperity.
  • Democracy.
  • Transparency.
  • Accountability.
  • Reciprocal respectfulness.
  • Innovation
  • Unity

Office Location

Office Address

Head Office     :

631/5, West Kazipara, Mirpur-10, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh

Phone : +88-02-55073530, 55073586, 55073540, 9013659

Email : tmsseshq@gmail.com

TMSS Foundation Office     :

Rangpur Road, Thengamara, Bogura-5800, Bangladesh

Telephone: (+88051) 78569, 78975

E-mail : tmsses@gmail.com