750Bed TMSS Medical College & Rafatullah Community Hospital

Year of Establishment: 1995
Location: 6 km north of Bogra city, besides TMSS Foundation Office.
Approval Authority: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Bangladesh.
Target Population: General people live in northern part of Bangladesh, specially the poor & destitute children and women.
Operational Area: Bogra & neighboring districts.
Funded by: TMSS.

Project Background:
In 1995 TMSS has established 10 Bed Rafatullah Community Hospital (RCH) to provide medical treatments to the poor, destitute and general people of rural areas in northern Bangladesh at an affordable cost. In 2008, this hospital has been extended to 250 Bed with the approval of the Health Ministry of GoB and reformed as TMSS Medical College and Rafatullah Community Hospital according to the conditions & operational policy of medical college to operate medical graduate course. Gradually TMC&RCH has reached to 350 Bed hospital with approval of 750 Bed. The approval of its further extension to 1000 Beds is being processed and the construction work is underway.

Patients are being treated through its Out Patient Department and In Patient Department. Specialized Doctors and Graduate Doctors provide good quality medical treatment services at this hospital at low cost round the clock and in some special cases provide treatments free of cost to the poor and extreme poor patients. It provides all types of general treatments, Mother and Child health Care services, Family Planning Services, EPI services and Diabetic Care Services. Also major and minor surgical operations and diagnostic services like Ultra Sonography, ECG and Pathological tests are done. Beside these, through its emergency management unit it provides instant medical treatments to the casualty (accidental, injured) patients. It also provides practical learning facilities to the students those who are studying at various medical educational institutes under TMSS Health Sector.

Goal: Ensure medical services for the deserving community.

General Objective

To ensure health services with medicine at a minimum cost to the rural destitute and neglected male, female and children specially for the poor people who are living in rural areas.


Specific objectives

  • To provide healthcare facilities among the poor & destitute people.
  • To provide cost effective healthcare services
  • To provide sympathetic care to the patients.
  • To reduce the mortality rate during the delivery.
  • To reduce the infant mortality rate.
  • To raise the awareness about health and hygiene among the mass population.
  • To provide advanced training for clinical and non-clinical staffs of the hospital.
  • To provide practical learning facilities for the medical science students.
  • To educate the students as per curriculum to acquire a quality and standardized education for clinical practice and to deliver health care service to the satisfaction of the patient.
  • To shape the students to adapt future medical science, health care technology for research & patient’s care
  • To motivate the medical graduate for delivering the health care services at community outreach.

Existing Services:

  • OPD Services: Medicine, Diabetic, Cardiology & CCU, ENT, Eye, Gynae & Obs., Pediatric, Orthopedics & Traumatology, Psychiatry, Skin & VD, Physiotherapy, Dental, Surgery.
  • IPD Services: Medicine, Surgery, Cardiology & CCU, ENT, Eye, Gynae & Obs., Pediatric, Orthopedics & Traumatology, Dental, Isolation.
  • Pathology service: Hematology, Biochemistry, Immunology, Microbiology, Cardiac Enzymes, Clinical Pathology, Mycology, Cytology, Hormone Assay, Histopathology.
  • Radiology and Imaging service: (X-Ray), Electro Cardiology (ECG), Ultra Sonogram (USG), Echocardiography.
  • Specialized treatment: Reconstruction Surgery (Cleft lip & palate), Tuberculosis Indoor & DOT), Gestational Diabetes Mellitus.
  • Operation: Major & Minor Surgical Operations.
  • Family Planning & EPI Services.
  • 24 hour Emergency Service.
  • Blood Collection, Preservation, Distribution & Transfusion service.
  • 24 hour Ambulance Service.

  • Existing Facilities:


    • 6 storied TMC & RCH building having an area of 2400 square feet in each floor is built on area of 8 acres of land in a tranquil environment with good communication system and road connections.
    • Uninterrupted electricity supply is ensured by its own high powered electricity generation system along with a back-up support system.
    • Freedom of choosing male of female doctors/surgeons/specialized doctors of any discipline by patients in case of delivery, any operation and any kind of medical treatment.
    • Round the clock medical treatments, diagnostic services, pharmacy services, ambulance services, blood transfusion facilities, canteen and dietary services, lift services, CCU, OT, Emergency services are available here.
    • Adequate number of beds in separate male, female and children wards and cabin (AC/Non AC) facilities exists to serve different kinds of patients.
    • Equipped with modern medical, surgical and diagnostic equipments.
    • A team of skilled medical professionals (43 Specialized Doctors, 68 Doctors, 155 Staff Nurse & 18 Technologists) and a large number of experienced support service staff of various disciplines are engaged in serving the patients.
    • of 4 buses are involved in carrying patients from remote rural areas to this hospital and also take them back to the home free of cost, 3 air-conditioned and well equipped ambulances are ready to deliver 24 hour service and office transport service is available for the doctors and staffs.

    Office Location

    Office Address

    Head Office     :

    631/5, West Kazipara, Mirpur-10, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh

    Phone : +88-02-55073530, 55073586, 55073540, 9013659

    Email : info@tmss-bd.org

    TMSS Foundation Office     :

    Rangpur Road, Thengamara, Bogura-5800, Bangladesh

    Telephone: (+88051) 78569, 78975

    E-mail : info@tmss-bd.org